Monday January 23, 2023

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Transport Uniform Solutions with Tailored Image

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Transport Uniform Solutions with Tailored Image

Designing, manufacturing and delivering bespoke uniforms for transport companies – it’s something we know a thing or two about at Tailored Image. After all, we provide over 90% of the London bus network with their uniform solutions (with Raptd Dev, Metroline and Go Ahead all on our customer list), as well as long standing relationships with airline, rail and logistics clients. We know that when it comes to uniform provision for Transport companies, there are a specific set of criteria at play. Consider each of these carefully and you won’t go wrong when approaching transport uniform procurement.

Brand Identity

As with any uniform, brand identity is pertinent when considering uniform choices for the transport industry. Choosing quality garments and a strong colour scheme helps to build a positive brand perception in the minds of your customers. Think of it in context and you’ll realise the importance even more. On a busy train platform, you’ll want your rail network staff to be instantly recognisable so that people can approach for help or directions. A bus driver branded in your company colours will become a trusted acquaintance of regular travellers. A logistics driver will build relationships at delivery destinations if he or she is instantly identifiable by your company colours, helping to forge trusted relationships and smooth the access process into drop-off points.

Tailored Image worked with Translink to design and roll out their highly distinctive Glider uniform. The vibrant purple tone was a departure from the ‘standard’ Translink colours, indicating a new era for the company and indeed for transport across Belfast. This move has achieved the level of brand recognition the company desired for its staff and has helped establish Glider as a reliable and dependable service for its growing network of customers.

Instilling Trust

The importance of brand extends further than creating a visually recognisable identity. A carefully considered uniform can also help instill trust in customers – reassuring them that in choosing to travel with your company, they have made the correct decision.

Where personal safety is at play, this adopts a greater significance. Aviation is an industry built on trust – with passengers entrusting pilots and cabin crew to navigate them safely to and from their chosen destinations. easyJet goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure its customer base feels safe and comfortable flying, as demonstrated by its ‘Fear of Flying’ course, aimed at conquering flying fears amongst potential customers. This theme of trust in this major European aviation player was front of mind for Tailored Image when delivering a new uniform solution and the company worked tirelessly to achieve a solution which represented a company which appeared professional, trustworthy and reliable.

Climate and Temperature Considerations

Perhaps more so than any other industry, temperature regulation is an important consideration for transport uniforms. Bus, coach and train drivers must operate in all weathers and with frequently opening doors, early starts and late nights all to think about, they certainly need to be prepared for all climates.

A layered approach is the recommended choice from Tailored Image in combating user frustrations with under or over heating in their uniforms. Working with Bus Eireann, for example, Tailored Image provided a range of uniforms which allowed a combination of garments suitable for all conditions. With long and short sleeved shirts and blouses, body warmers and jackets and options for caps and hats, Tailored Image ensured a solution to encompass all conditions.

Go Ahead London bus uniform  

Comfort and Practicality

Weather conditions aside, there are other practical considerations at play. Achieving comfort is paramount. Whether for driving buses, cabin staff performing pre-flight safety demonstrations or stressed-out logistics drivers, uniforms should provide proper freedom of movement to allow them to do their jobs fully and without restriction.

This comfort can be achieved by offering staff the choice of a wide range of sizing options as well as incorporating stretch fabrics into the design. Our technical department works with staff to ensure a solution which literally fits their individual needs. Find out more about this highly bespoke service here.

An insightful way to garner feedback from wearers as to the comfort and practicality of garments is to conduct wearer trials. During the procurement process for easyJet’s uniform roll-out for example, extensive wearer trials were facilitated by Tailored Image to ensure the new range would improve user experience. Feedback during these trials was found to be extremely appropriate, with a consensus reached that the uniform provided greater freedom of movement due to improved stretch in the fabric used, achieved a good fit for wearers, was more comfortable to wear and was easier to wash.

easyJet uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles

Safety First

Certain roles in your transport company will require more visibility than your corporate colours afford, and herein lies the importance of high visibility garments. Many delivery drivers, airport staff and bus/train conductors will require high vis clothing to enable them to carry out their roles safely and effectively.

At Tailored Image, we believe that high vis clothing need not mean a diversion from brand identity, nor should it detract from the stylish nature of your uniform. Go Ahead London did not compromise on its aesthetic in the selection of high vis garments, opting for a high quality, padded option of high vis jacket to maintain the classic look achieved across the collection.

Attracting and retaining staff

No matter what industry your company operates in, staff attraction and retention are amongst the most difficult concern facing employers. The logistics industry in particular is affected, with simply not enough staff available to get product where it needs to be, which has a knock-on effect across the economy.

Never underestimate the importance of uniform in helping achieve a sense of belonging in your staff. Check out how one company has successfully achieved this level of buy-in from their staff here – sending out all the right signals to prospective staff about a positive company to work with.

Keeping existing staff happy and motivated is an ongoing concern also and addressing staff concerns around uniforms can help create a more positive workforce. Staff of Bus Eireann had, during internal workshops, expressed a desire for a more modern, comfortable uniform and as a result, a Uniform Working Group was established. Tailored Image worked alongside this group to design and deliver an impressive portfolio of uniform items which have met the brief of a modern and comfortable selection of clothing and feedback has been extremely positive.

If you are considering a chance of uniforms for your transport company, why not speak with our experienced team today to discover how we can help transform your organisation: Contact Us.