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Meticulous Detail for Large Scale Transport Contract

The ability to supply large multi-site bus and coach operators with bus driver and staff uniforms has long been a speciality for Tailored Image. Regardless of the number of employees involved in any uniform order, Tailored Image will apply the same meticulous attention to the design, measuring, manufacture and delivery process. This ensures that every member of transport staff, across a variety of job roles, receives a uniform of the very highest quality.

This attention to detail was something front of mind when an update was required for Bus Éireann uniforms. A long- valued customer, Bus Éireann had already been receiving their uniforms from Tailored Image for a 12 year period. This wardrobe centred around a traditional combination of blazers with trousers or skirts. In early 2020, the company was re-awarded the clothing contract and, working closely with Bus Éireann, the team set about preparing some design concepts.

Uniform Working Group

The new uniform range was developed following internal workshops within Bus Éireann where staff expressed a desire for a more modern, comfortable uniform and the subsequent formation of a Uniform Working Group. This process of engagement resulted in a uniform which was well received by drivers and matched the brief of a modern and comfortable selection of clothing – a collection specifically designed and produced for this client, stemming from Tailored Image’s expertise in providing uniforms to the rail and bus industry across the UK and Ireland.

The rollout of this fully managed service involved each of the 2,100 drivers ordering their uniforms on an individual basis online, with all items then delivered to their home addresses. Tailored Image’s ordering process is built on a highly sophisticated intuitive model which provides the user-friendly interface of any large online retailer, creating a seamless and efficient process. With almost 30,000 garment items delivered to date, the feedback on efficiency of delivery and support has been very positive. To find out more about the process involved in this project, visit the news story here.

Meticulous Detail for Large Scale Transport Contract

Modern Comfort replacing Traditional Suiting

The most prominent amendment made to the uniform was the introduction of softshell jackets and gilets to replace the traditional blazer. This created a more comfortable option for drivers, whilst maintaining a smart appearance. The vibrant red Bus Éireann branding remains firmly to the fore with red options in both soft shell and gilet, but the introduction of a grey option in both items achieves a sense of variety for wearers. This grey theme continues into the shirting, with the traditional white shirts replaced with a fresh grey shade to be worn with black trousers with a waist ease added for driver comfort.

The role of bus drivers dictates a requirement to combat inclement weather and thus a layering approach is necessary. Knitwear items always formed a part of the uniform range for Bus Eireann, but this new development saw traditional knitwear replaced with finer, more modern items, all in a black tone to add further variety to the wardrobe.

For over garments, a high-end, two-toned, 2 in 1 anorak was designed to provide warmth whilst endorsing the corporate look. The inner layer of this jacket can be removed and worn as a standalone lighter jacket option, adding further variety to wardrobe choices.

To complete the look, accessories were re-coloured to add a more vibrant red tone and compliment the overall branding. These include tie options – both clip on and wrap and also scarf options, complete with black belts to keep a neat and tidy appearance in the lower garments.

Modern Comfort replacing Traditional Suiting

Wear it with Pride

Working closely with the Tailored Image team, Bus Éireann produced a ‘Uniform Wearers’ Guide’ which guides the staff member through the ordering process. With full details on each item, including advice on how to pair with other items, this guide acts as an excellent resource in both the ordering process and in ensuring the uniform is worn as intended, in order to give the best impression to Bus Éireann customers.

In addressing his staff in the uniform guide, Bus Éireann CEO Stephen Kent commented:

‘Looking smart in your new uniform is a great way to show your pride in the services we deliver to our customers…the uniform worn is what sets us apart. Wear it with pride.

For more information on the uniform service Tailored Image provides to bus and coach operators click here.

Wear it with Pride

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