Tuesday November 30, 2021

Door to Door deliveries for Bus Éireann – now that is Service!

Door to Door deliveries for Bus Éireann – now that is Service!

In the life of a bus driver, efficiency and punctuality are everything. For Bus Éireann, running an efficient service for customers is not just important, it is vital. This is the ethos with which Tailored Image approached the uniform ordering process for this prominent Irish transport company, striving for a solution that would live out their ethos of efficiency.

Streamlined Ordering Process

The result of this move to efficiency has been a streamlined process: a fully managed service, involving each of the 2,100 drivers ordering their own uniforms on an individual basis online, with all items then delivered to their home addresses. This causes a significant reduction in management time for the client, removing the requirement for co-ordinators having to dedicate precious time putting together orders on behalf of their drivers. Tailored Image’s ordering process is built on a highly sophisticated intuitive model which provides the user-friendly interface of any large online retailer, making the process seamless and efficient.

The bespoke online portal was opened in September 2021 to enable drivers to place their orders – making Bus Éireann one of the first bus companies from across the UK and Ireland to order uniforms via such a sophisticated process. Roll out began in October 2021 and all uniform orders were delivered across a 2-week period – a huge undertaking for Tailored Image. To date almost 30,000 garment items have been delivered to over 2,100 home addresses. Feedback from drivers has been overwhelmingly positive, with the company commenting how ‘they love the new uniform with its modern, comfortable and vibrant look, and has received many positive comments from the public.’ Drivers have also praised the efficiencies of the Tailored Image team who worked hard to ensure all queries were dealt with efficiently and professionally.

The Uniform

Tailored Image had already been providing the staff uniform to Bus Éireann for over 12 years, with a traditional look blazer and trousers/skirts combination in circulation. Working in close co-operation with the Bus Eireann team, this wardrobe has now been replaced by a more modern and comfortable selection of clothing – a collection specifically designed and produced for this client, as a result of Tailored Image’s many years of expertise in the bus and rail uniform industry. For a full breakdown of uniform details, visit the case study here.


Bus Éireann’s Destination 2023 strategy encompasses a move towards becoming the most sustainable transport company in Ireland. As part of this strategy, Tailored Image provided uniform items which include polyester made from recycled plastic, with each uniform preventing 20 plastic bottles from going to landfill. All uniform items are delivered in sustainable packaging including biodegradable shirt covers, recyclable collar stays, metal, shirt clips which replace plastic ones, and recyclable card. Drivers are also encouraged to send their old uniform items back to be recycled.

Addressing his staff, Bus Éireann CEO Stephen Kent writes,

‘We now have a uniform that is distinctive and professional, it shows our commitment to our goal to be the most customer-centred and sustainable transport company in Ireland, with services delivered by people who believe in Bus Éireann as a great place to work.

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