Tuesday January 18, 2022

Corporate Clothing – Achieving Balance Between Branding and Employee Buy-In

Corporate Clothing – Achieving Balance Between Branding and Employee Buy-In

When it comes to the selection of corporate uniforms, customer opinion is often uppermost in the mind. Instilling a sense of trust and positive regard in people with whom you hope to do business is a central tenet in the uniform procurement process. However equally as important (and very often not as prevalent in the minds of those choosing garments) are the opinions and feelings of those who wear the uniform. To instill pride in someone else, one must first feel that sense of pride, and this comes with a uniform which is visually appealing to the individual, comfortable and in keeping with their own sense of style.

Tobermore represents a good example of a company that has managed to strike this balance successfully with its approach to uniform procurement. As part of the company’s rebrand in 2019, Tailored Image engaged with Tobermore’s marketing and HR departments to embark on a unique uniform project, which would see the company offer a more relaxed approach to uniform provision, accommodating a very ‘tailored’ approach to the individual needs and style of staff members.

Tobermore’s workforce includes a vast array of varied roles, from production operatives, drivers and quarry staff through to office staff and a range of customer facing roles both at its head office and in the form of sales and specification staff across the UK and Ireland. With each role comes a variety of demands and expectations on a uniform and it was clear from the outset that a wide range of uniform options would be necessary.

Rather than a set piece uniform approach for each department, the client wished to embrace the individuality of its workforce and as such introduced a variety of garment options, together with a relaxed approach to how they are paired with other items. Office and sales staff, for example, have a choice of a variety of classic plain, striped and gingham shirt and blouse options in various brand compliant colourways, together with relaxed look tops for female staff. These, paired with a variety of jumper and cardigan styles give options to suit every style and size. In terms of outerwear, particularly for those employees who spend the majority of their time outdoors, it was important to offer a variety of warm clothing in various styles designed to withstand the rigours of a more physical role.

This result is a vast uniform offering which extends to over 130 items available for staff to order via the online ordering process including a selection of high performance outerwear including rain jackets, soft shells, slimline jackets and bodywarmers. The range also extends to a selection of branded accessories including briefcases, portfolio folders, backpacks and laptop cases, all provided by Tailored Image.

Maire Nawaz, Head of Marketing at Tobermore commented:

‘The uniform range provided by Tailored Image has been very well received by our staff and we have achieved excellent buy in from everyone. We now have a corporate clothing solution which achieves the aesthetic we were hoping for, whilst catering for the individual tastes of our staff. Uniform is not compulsory for staff and we allow staff to team garments with their choice of trousers, skirts and dresses, and we have found using this approach encourages more people to wear the uniform, and wear it with pride. Our advice to anyone undertaking uniform procurement is to remember to cater for the opinions of those who will wear the uniform and you have a much greater chance of the project being a success.’

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