Tuesday February 4, 2020

Sustainable Uniforms & Initiatives

Sustainable Uniforms & Initiatives

Working with Tailored Image can make a difference and have a positive impact on the environment in a variety of ways. Uniform is about so much more than just clothing now; it is important to consider where your uniform clothing comes from, how it is made and the potential impact this has on the environment. Tailored Image engage in a range of initiatives that help make our business sustainable, ethical, responsible and beneficial to the community.

One of these initiatives is our offering of a range of recycled suiting. 95% of the polyester used in selected uniform collections is made from recycled polyester. Choosing recycled polyester for your uniform can be a step forward in your journey towards sustainable clothing. By wearing the recycled polyester suiting range for your corporate uniform, you are preventing 45 plastic bottles reaching our oceans or landfill, yet still retaining a stylish, comfortable and performing uniform.

45 Plastic Bottles are prevented from reaching our oceans by making this jacket

But how does this all work you may ask; how can we possibly make 45 bottles into 1 suit?

From Bottle Sourcing, the bottles are sourced using various socially compliant sources such as Identified Collection Agencies, Reverse Vending Machines and Collection Drives at events.

From Bottles to Flakes, the bottles are cleaned, washed and crushed to create plastic flakes.

Then from Flakes to Fibre, the flakes are melted down and extruded to make fibre.

Finally, from Fibre to Suits, the fibre is processed into fabric and then used in Tailored Image tailoring. And there you have it, one recycled polyester suit for your corporate uniform. All of these garments are then created in our factories using renewable energy.

By helping the industry move towards more sustainable options, the more increasing chance we have of making a difference in creating sustainable uniforms.

In conjunction with Tailored Image’s sustainable suiting initiative we have partnered with environmental charity Plastic Oceans UK to donate a percentage of all sales of our recycled plastic suiting to them. Tailored Image is committed to changing the attitudes and behaviours towards plastic by raising awareness of this mission. By doing more now as a business Tailored Image can truly make a difference with our impact on the environment.

Plastic Oceans help prevent the amount of plastic that reaches the ocean

To compliment this initiative Tailored Image is committed to consistently reducing plastic across our business and throughout the supply chain. By reducing unnecessary packaging on the finished product without compromising the final quality, to re-using pallets and promoting the use of reusable aluminium water bottles in our office, Tailored Image is dedicated to taking a step in the right direction of sustainable uniforms and creating a sustainable business.

All Tailored Image employees have their own reusable water bottle

Pick a uniform supplier you can have a sustainable partnership with like Tailored Image. Click here to find out more about Tailored Image’s sustainable uniforms.