Corporate Social Responsibility

For Tailored Image, continuous improvement on environmental and CSR issues lies at the heart of our business. We are constantly investing in measures to ensure we run our business in a responsible manner.

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Sustainable Procurement

Tailored Image proudly offers a range of recycled suiting. 95% of the polyester used in this collection is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. All of these garments are crafted in factories that use renewable energy.

Plastic bottles are sourced via identified collection agencies, reverse vending machines and collection drives at events. These bottles are cleaned, washed and crushed to create plastic flakes. The flakes are melted down and extruded to make fibre which is then processed into fabric to be used in Tailored Image tailoring.

One men’s suit is made from 45 plastic bottles, meaning these 45 bottles are prevented from reaching landfill or polluting our oceans. If our warehouse holds 150,000 suits – thats 6,412,500 plastic bottles recycled into high-end clothing.

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Sustainable Procurement
Ethical Practices

Ethical Practices

Tailored Image acts in an ethical manner and develops positive relationships with our suppliers, resulting in raised standards of working conditions in the factories where our products are manufactured. We recognise it is our responsibility to respect human rights throughout our operations. We are committed to ensuring people are treated with dignity and respect and our approach is to recognise and manage the risk of harm associated with unsatisfactory working conditions, discrimination, Modern Day Slavery, human trafficking and forced or bonded labour, at home and abroad.

Tailored Image carries out regular factory visits to current and likely future suppliers. During each visit working conditions, enployee details, pay rates etc. are all checked.

Adhering to strict policies, we ensure that we only work with partners that implement ethical, environmental and social best practice. All of the factories that we work with are either SEDEX, OEKO TEX or WRAP approved.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Tailored Image consistently endeavours to reduce plastic across the business and throughout the supply chain. We continually work with our subcontractors to improve our manufacturing operations, through the following initiatives.

REDUCE – Eliminating unnecessary packaging and reduce the amount of packaging used on the finished product without compromising the final quality. Office waste reduction – working towards a paperless office.

REUSE – Treating plastic packaging as a valuable resource is a key priority in accelerating our efforts to a circular economy. Re-use of pallets for delivery. Reusable water bottles – all Tailored Image staff have been provided with reusable aluminium water bottles that can be filled using the water dispensers in the office.

RECYCLE – Elimination of PVC packaging. Sustainable procurement through the use of recycled suiting.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Commitment to the Community

Throughout the year employees at Tailored Image come together to promote community cohesion, holding charitable and fundraising initiatives that have supported the Alzheimer’s Society, Macmillan Cancer Support, Southern Area Hospice and a variety of other charities and local communities.

At Tailored Image we recognise our responsibility as a business to give back to the communities in which we operate in to help create a more sustainable future. We strive to continue to our best abilities to support their initiatives.

Recent charity initiatives have included participating in the Belfast marathon relay and a charity headshave which was proudly hosted in our Dungannon facility.

Commitment to the Community

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