Friday November 13, 2020

Top 5 Ways To Maintain Your Uniform

Top 5 Ways To Maintain Your Uniform

First impressions are formed in just 7 seconds. What will people think about how your organisation is dressed? Employees who are dressed the part in your organisation will leave a lasting impression on your customers and reflect your organisation. In some industries uniforms are imperative to meeting the requirements of specific jobs and it is important to ensure these uniforms are of sound quality, with no tears in fabric or fabric that is noticeably worn.

Uniforms not only project confidence and trust to the customer but it also instils confidence and trust in your employees. A new and clean uniform will help your employees do their job and represent the company. So it is important employees know how to maintain and take care of their uniforms to ensure they get the most from it.

1. Daily Maintenance and Weekly Cleaning of your Uniform

The longevity of a uniform will require daily maintenance and weekly cleaning. Only clean your uniform when it has been used, is dirty or has been stored away for a lengthy time. The first wash of your uniform is very important to ensure you preserve the colour. Using hot water will remove any stains and kill bacteria. Being consistent is important to ensure longevity on your uniform.

2. Fabric Selection and Colours

Ultimately how you wash and maintain your uniform will be dependent upon two things. 1. The fabric your uniform is made from. 2. And the colour of your uniform. Cotton uniforms can be machine washed or hand washed but are only allowed to hang dry. Most of our suiting ranges are machine washable, making it easy for employees to maintain and keep their uniform clean. Wool uniforms, however, cannot be machine washed and must be hand washed or dry cleaned.

3. Iron or Press your Uniform

Once your uniform has been washed and dried to ensure a clean and crisp finish it is important to iron or press it before hanging it up or putting it away. This will ensure your uniform is wrinkle free for the next time it is being worn. No one likes a creased shirt!

4. Storage of your Uniform

Putting your uniform away correctly in a clean and dry place will ensure your washing and drying efforts will not be wasted the next time you need to wear your uniform. Avoid places with strong humidity or any odours.

Guide to Maintaining Your Uniform