Wednesday June 14, 2023

Journey with Us at Tailored Image

Journey with Us at Tailored Image

You’re off on holidays this summer. Perhaps you’re heading on a flight from England across the Irish Sea and further afield to soak up the glorious Irish sunshine(!!). You’d be surprised to learn how many Tailored Image uniforms might you encounter on your travels. Come travel with us; we’ll give you our top tips on how best to travel and where to visit on your adventure. Let’s explore together…

Getting There

Did you know, Tailored Image provides the uniforms for over 90% of the London public bus network, including Raptd Dev, Metroline and Go Ahead London. So if your chosen mode of transport to the airport is bus, chances are you’ll come across Tailored Image uniforms on your travels.

Or maybe you’re flying from Birmingham airport? Tailored Image proudly produces the full range of uniforms at this busy location – from Customer Service Representatives to Bus Drivers, from IT staff through to the onsite Fire & Rescue Service. Should your flight be with easyJet, you’ll have the opportunity to see for yourselves our range of garments made from recycled plastic bottles. With one suit made from 45 recycled plastic bottles, you won’t believe how spectacular this range performs in terms of aesthetic and wearability.

As you arrive in Dublin airport, you’ll see lots of staff in Tailored Image uniforms, including immigration officers and staff working in Duty Free giant Lagardere. Onwards from the airport, you can choose a range of Tailored Image clients with which to travel including Bus Éireann, Dublin Bus and Irish Rail/Translink.

(To find out more about our extensive Travel portfolio, why not have a look at our ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ blog linked here).

Things to Do

While you’re in Ireland, you’ll be spoiled for choice as to how to spend your time. Explore the sights of Dublin via the hop-on hop-off bus service, ‘Do Dublin’, and extend your time in some of the many destinations along the route, including Dublin Zoo and our old friends at the Guinness Storehouse. You guessed it; all three having procured their uniforms from Tailored Image.

You might fail to escape a Tailored Image uniform if your stay involves overnighting in a hotel setting, with some of the biggest names in hospitality sourcing their uniforms from Tailored Image. The hotel sector is one in which we have operated for almost 25 years and as such it is one in which we have a collective body of experience. We drew upon this knowledge and experience together collectively to formulate a Blog on this which you can read here.

If moving further afield there are a plethora of ways to get the very most of your stay. If you’re westward bound, the Cliffs of Moher Experience is most definitely worth a visit. Depending on the season in which you visit, you’ll find one of four colourways of the COME uniform on display, with green indicating the shoots of spring, a bright yellow summer sun, autumnal orange and a wintery blue all denoting the changing of seasons in a very visible manner.

North of the Border, should your travels take you to the Waterfront Hall, Belfast City Hall, Hillsborough Castle or the Bushmills Distillery amongst many other attractions, you’ll be greeted by staff decked in Tailored Image uniforms. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of uniforms you might encounter in a retail environment, commercial office or industrial setting.

A Word of Caution

Be careful on your travels, however, as there are just some of our clients you won’t want to meet on your journey, including Dublin Fire, National Ambulance Service, the fabulous volunteers at Order of Malta and potentially the group to avoid most avidly – An Garda Siochana!


Why share all of this?

Our aim in relating this journey with you is to encourage a little more focus and attention when you’re on your travels. In terms of uniform design, there is so much inspiration to be found, sometimes at the most unlikely of times like being on your holidays. Being open to ideas and examples of how different organisations approach uniform design can help you no end when the time comes to consider your own garment portfolio.

Most importantly, happy travels from all at Tailored Image!!