Thursday March 9, 2023

A Solution for all Seasons for Cliffs of Moher Experience

A Solution for all Seasons for Cliffs of Moher Experience

The Cliffs of Moher Experience (COME) has undertaken a transformative uniform project, with Tailored Image its chosen partner in designing and delivering a full new wardrobe for all staff in various roles throughout the site. This project represents a new direction in branding for this popular visitor attraction – one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Republic of Ireland. Tailored Image has adopted a hands-on approach throughout the process, with a full new uniform suite rolled out in early 2023.

A New Departure

The Cliffs of Moher is a popular tourist attraction occupying a large site on the west coast of Ireland. With a combination of outdoor spaces and an indoor facility, staff working here can experience extremes of climates, underfoot conditions and health & safety protocols, all of which had to be considered and addressed in designing a new wardrobe.

This uniform procurement project represents the first of its kind for COME. Previously, uniform items for staff had been sourced on an ad hoc basis using various catalogues, with additional items being added over time. This had resulted in a lack of consistency with uniform items and a large number of garments being issued to employees without over-arching consideration as to how the uniform appeared to the public. Additionally, the yellow high visibility clothing items had resulted in employees appearing more like construction workers rather than members of a world class visitor attraction.

Collaborative Approach

Taking on board this combination of issues, Tailored Image was on hand to assist in all aspects of the procurement process, from advising on suitability of individual garment items for all departments of the operation, through the design process aimed at achieving consistency of wardrobe and a visible, practical solution for employees across all departments. A collaborative approach and a constant stream of communication achieved a very effective procurement process, with needs and concerns of the client addressed at every stage to sure a practical and attractive result for this very public organisation.

A Seasonal Solution

With the demands of varying climates across the calendar a very prominent element of the brief for this uniform solution, Tailored Image adopted a striking approach to the design process, offering a distinct colour scheme for each season. Four bold yet seasonally appropriate colours were chosen for specific items in the wardrobe, with green indicating the shoots of spring, a bright yellow summer sun, autumnal orange and a wintery blue all denoting the changing of seasons in a very visible manner.

These colour schemes were applied to polo shirts, caps and beanie hats and zip pulls, which were combined with either navy shorts or trousers depending on the season. Navy outerwear was selected to offer varying degrees of warmth, with soft shell gilets and jackets for the ‘shoulder seasons’ and additional waterproof two layered coats and fleece jackets for the colder, more wintery conditions. To complete the look, four complementing coloured versions of high vis jackets were also agreed upon to bolster the seasonal colour scheme, achieving the necessary visibility to be identifiable as COME staff as well as adhering to health & safety protocols. No longer would staff be mistaken for construction workers, ensuring the brand could now be established fully for visitors to the site.

Satisfied Customer

The uniform suite which has resulted from this process has been very warmly received by the team at the Cliffs of Moher Experience. Mark O’Shaughnessy, Head of Operations at the visitor attraction, commented ‘It’s been a fascinating process working with Tailored Image on our new wardrobe. When we began the process, I don’t think I could have envisaged just what a positive impact this would have on our brand image. To have introduced seasonal colours, in keeping with our brand guidelines, is something I would not have considered were it not for the engagement with Tailored Image, and we feel it is a fitting reflection of how the Cliffs of Moher offer something very different to visitors during each season. We’ve been so grateful to the all the team for their help throughout the process and look forward to introducing our new wardrobe to our staff and the wider public.’

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