Tuesday April 25, 2023

Tailored Image Launches its Vision and Values

Tailored Image Launches its Vision and Values

As we embark on a very significant year for Tailored Image, it was with great pleasure that we recently launched our Vision & Values with our internal teams. Led by the Board of Directors, Peter Donnelly, Bernard Birt, Celia Birt and Brendan Birt, the event was a celebration of the commitment of our colleagues and a positive launchpad for the Vision which will define the trajectory of the company in the years ahead.

For almost 25 years, Tailored Image has worked diligently to provide bespoke corporate uniform solutions across a range of sectors including airlines, bus and rail companies, emergency services, military and police and the hospitality sector.

Now, as we approach our 25th anniversary and enter a new era for the company, we have worked together with our teams to formalise our Vision for our future and the Values which have defined us for many years.

Our Vision

Our Vision is linked to our 5 Year Plan entitled ‘Imagine 2028.’ This is an ambitious plan, but we have no doubt it is achievable with our collective effort. Our Vision, which has been developed with this 2028 milestone front of mind is:

‘To be the brand of choice for fully managed uniform solutions, delivered by a trusted team who really care.’

With a trusted supply chain and a highly sophisticated Online Wardrobe Management System, Tailored Image’s business has developed significantly with the addition of several large high profile managed uniform contracts, including easyJet, National Ambulance Service, Musgrave, Go Ahead and Securitas.

Our Vision reflects our ambition to extend our portfolio of customers with complex logistical requirements for 2,000 wearers or more. The fulfilment of this vision will be made possible because of the installation of a fully bespoke new ERP system designed to further streamline processes across every department in the business and improve efficiencies for customers and staff alike.

Our Values

As we approach 25 years in business, we want to retain the company values with which we began our journey in 1998 and develop these into a modern ethos that is reflective of our workforce across the company.

Our company values have been arrived at through consultation with every department in this business. Through a culture of transparency and openness, heads of department have communicated the culture they see presented to them by their staff and the amalgamation of this feedback has resulted in a distinct set of values which best represent Tailored Image:

These are the values that define us. Through every touchpoint of our business, we live out these values daily and as our business expands, these are the values that will inform our recruitment process.

If you’re interested in becoming a customer of Tailored Image or to join our team, why not Contact Us today to find out how we can support your corporate uniform requirements or your future career progression.