Thursday December 12, 2019

Brand Aesthetics In Uniform Design

Brand Aesthetics In Uniform Design

Getting the aesthetics of your corporate uniform right can have a positive effect on the profitability of your company. The aesthetics of your uniform considers; how your staff look in it, the feelings that it evokes in your customers, where it positions you in the market place and how memorable it is. A visually appealing uniform has an effortless way of attracting customers.

As a company, you need to decide what message you would like your uniform to convey to your customers. This message will be communicated via the brand name, logo, style and visual appearance of your uniform and will quite often leave a lasting impression.

Guiness Storehouse uniform
Bringing to life the “Made For More” Guinness Key Brand Values

The Look

First impressions count. Your customers base their judgements on what they see. Within the first 3 seconds of meeting staff, your customers have made evaluations about them and the kind of business you are operating. These often influence their perception even after interactions.

Having a strong visual presence which can be quickly absorbed will help to propel your business ahead of your competition. Your employees are the first point of contact your clients make with your business, therefore putting your best foot forward is crucial. How professional and trustworthy your employees appear and the culture of your company can all be communicated by the uniform your staff wear.

A uniform communicates many messages through colour, texture, shape and cut. It should be visually appealing and differentiate you from your competitors.

Intercontinental Dublin concierge uniform
Delivering a 5-Star welcome

The Feel

Existing and potential customers will get a feeling when they see your staff in a uniform. How you want them to think and feel about your business needs to be translated into a uniform that resonates with the personality of your brand. It is important to consider the vibe that your uniform gives off. A well-considered uniform will create an emotional connection with your customers.

Woodies helpful staff in comfortable uniform
Woodies uniform designed to make staff look approachable


Careful design of your uniform can enable you to provide a clear distinction between your company and your competitors. Your uniform should be designed to reflect the reputation of your brand’s position in the marketplace. Careful consideration should be given to make sure that the uniform connects with your customers.

Landrover uniforms reflect luxury brand
Bespoke uniforms designed to the highest standards to reflect the luxury of the brand

The Memorability Factor

A well-designed uniform should be memorable. It isn’t about who your customer is today, but who remembers you tomorrow.

A key part of making your uniform memorable is ensuring the look, feel and positioning are all in sync.

The Merchant Hotel Concierge Uniform
The Merchant Hotel is focused on delivering an unforgettable experience for their customers

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