At Tailored Image, we are a full-service uniform and workwear provider. We provide a variety of services such as bespoke design, sourcing and manufacturing, technical support, wearer trials, measuring service, account management and access to an on-line web ordering portal.

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Bespoke Uniform Web Ordering System

Tailored Image has developed an award winning bespoke online web ordering system which will enable individual wearers or managers in your company to place uniform orders.

This online web ordering portal will be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your company whether you want uniforms to be ordered by; employee’s individually, location, region or procurement departments. Uniform allocation can be based on points, quantity, money or a mixture of these, we can ensure your wearers only order what they are entitled to, ensuring that your business can control uniform spend effectively.

Users can view measuring guides, photographs, size charts, latest stock information and check the status of their orders through the tailored online portal. They are also able to track deliveries, complete returns on-line and check the status of a return.

A wide range of reports are available to managers which are quick to run and can easily be downloaded.

Online ordering portal
Mobile online ordering portal

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