Sourcing & Manufacturing

Our uniforms are sourced from a variety of locations including our own manufacturing facilities, and those of our stock supported range partners.

We manufacture complete uniforms and also use this expertise to adjust and alter individual garments. Tailored Image is a design led business and the manufacturing unit plays a vital role in sample making and the refinement of concepts for client approval.

Our in-house embroidery and printing facilities enable us to offer rapid turn a-round when applying our customers’ brands and form an important part of the quality control process.

Our global sourcing team is made up of garment industry professionals, each with a lifetime's experience of selecting and managing the optimum source for each uniform.

Their technical expertise and quality management skills are an essential part of the process which ensures compliance with the high standards of quality and supply that our clients have come to expect from Tailored Image.

Above all, we share our customers desire that all facilities will meet the required ethical and environmental standards.

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