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Can Uniforms Solve your Recruitment and Retention Problems?

Can Uniforms Solve your Recruitment and Retention Problems?

Recruitment of staff has become a universal problem across the UK and Ireland due to a plethora of issues. A perfect storm of Brexit and post-pandemic issues has deeply affected the availability of skilled labour, with the hospitality and construction and manufacturing industries having suffered the most.

Against this backdrop, there is a better case than ever for a strong uniform offering to gain competitive advantage in the recruitment and retention process. The advantages of adopting a bespoke uniform solution are numerous and are thrown into greater light when facing such a challenging recruitment market.


Recruitment and Retention – why is the problem worse than ever?

Aside from the post-pandemic and Brexit issues aforementioned, there are a number of additional concerns which have combined to make this a challenging period for recruiters, including:

  • Wage inflation means companies have to be more competitive in the remuneration packages which is a problem when taken on the back of already challenging economic times
  • Rapid technological changes have made it a struggle to attract candidates with a suitable skill set
  • Many companies compete with others offering remote/flexible working and/or 4 day weeks
  • More people than ever have been deemed unfit to work due to physical and mental health issues, including the impact of long Covid.

The pessimistic amongst us might view recruitment as a lost cause given all of the above, but for those who take a different view, this situation provides the opportunity to rise above the competition.

A bespoke uniform can help in this competitive advantage – attracting many advantages for both recruitment and retention of staff. Let’s explore some of these here:

Building a Brand

The importance of a strong brand can’t be underestimated when recruiting new staff. Potential employees want to feel like they are joining a reputable organisation, one with a strong presence in their industry. Carefully designed uniforms can help promote this brand recognition both inside and outside an organisation; helping to attract the right candidates who recognise your brand value and want to represent it.


A sense of belonging is an important facet for staff recruitment and even moreso for retention. Uniforms can help achieve this sense of belonging – where all staff are united by their shared dress code and committed to working towards the same goal for their organisation. A carefully curated bespoke uniform collection can help cement an employee’s decision to join your organisation, and selecting suitable garments depending on the demands of your role will demonstrate your empathy and care for your staff and the intricacies of their job. Uniforms can help achieve a common bond and sense of connection between employees, which all helps in the quest to help retain them and prevent them from moving elsewhere.

Alleviating Stress!

Our lives are full of difficult decisions – big and small. Sometimes even simple tasks like deciding what to wear in the morning can cause unnecessary stress. Not so with a uniform! Taking that stress out of a morning routine can be enough to start our day out on a more positive note, helping us achieve a more enjoyable working day.

Added to this, wardrobes can achieve a level playing field in a workplace when it comes to fashion. Feeling like our wardrobes don’t compare favourably to that of our colleagues can cause an inferiority complex which can cause low mood and a negative attitude to our work. Having all staff in the similar roles with the same uniform means each person can achieve the same sense of professionalism and confidence around their role, leading to a happier mindset towards work and an increased chance of retaining staff.

The Importance of Comfort

Never underestimate the importance of comfortable clothing for your staff. Well-fitting clothing makes a job infinitely more enjoyable – especially when you consider the length of time garments are worn during a working day. Conversely, ill-fitting or cheap quality clothing can make your staff miserable. If you’re committed to achieving and retaining high morale in your organisation, choosing a comfortable wardrobe for your staff will help you massively.

Reinforcing Company Culture

There is no doubt that an organisation’s uniform speaks volumes about the company culture. Traditional formal suiting attire denotes a corporate environment and exudes a professional vibe. Candidates who have done their research properly will know this and dress appropriately at interview. They will also be under no illusion as to what type of organisation they are applying to join and the fact of applying for a job means they will inevitably be attracted to this company culture and the associated prestige it achieves.

On the other hand, a more relaxed uniform culture will appeal to a different pool of talent, with more and more people seeking a flexible solution which includes some working from home. This hybrid option need not negate the need for a uniform – if fact it can be more important in this circumstance than ever to adopt a uniform as we have explored in our blog here. At Tailored Image, we notice a trend in many organisations away from more traditional formal suiting towards more of a ‘working wardrobe’ solution, with a variety of garment options promoting inclusivity and allowing personal tastes to be expressed.

Aligning uniform options with company culture can help you attract appropriate candidates for your positions. They can also help these employees stay in the longer term because they have bought into the right culture for their personality and feel at home in their environment.


In conclusion…

Uniforms are a powerful tool that can be utilised effectively in the search for staff with staying power. From reinforcing a brand to fostering a sense of belonging and from user comfort to asserting company values, the various advantages of company uniforms culminate in a strong weapon in the very competitive recruitment and retention landscape.

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