Wednesday May 20, 2020

Personal Protective Equipment – What Does My Business Need?

Personal Protective Equipment – What Does My Business Need?

During these unprecedented times, information surrounding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be a little confusing and certainly overwhelming given the challenging times businesses are faced with right now. Whether your business has already returned to work, you are making a phased return to work or considering plans for the coming months, PPE is a worthwhile investment to help facilitate these plans and keep all your employees safe.  With a variety of PPE options for all sectors, including Hospitality, Retail, Construction and Engineering, Transport, Emergency Services and Office Environments, there is something to keep everyone safe in their job roles.


Masks are an effective item of PPE to help minimise the risk of transmission. However, there are a variety of types of face masks which can be confusing for businesses when it comes to purchasing. Options 1 – 5 are disposable medical face masks, which are intended for single use only and must be disposed of after use.

Options 6 and 7 however are machine washable face masks which can be used more than once after being washed. Option 7 is a Knitted Fabric Mask, has the additional option to add your businesses logo.

Scrubs and Gowns

Our medical scrubs and gowns have been designed and tested for ultimate protection and comfort and are machine washable to ensure protection time and time again. Scrub tops are available in sizes XS – 3XL. Scrub bottoms are available in sizes XS – 2XL.

Facial Protection

Facial Protection can be beneficial for the construction and engineering sector as our Hard Hat Visor option protects from fluids and splashes. The protective face shield has a soft foam band for against the face to ensure maximum comfort and an elastic headband to fit all sizes.

Personal Protective Equipment

Suits and Aprons

Our suits and aprons are available in a variety of options such as sterile, budget non-sterile and different weights of fabric to suit a variety of business needs.

Additional items

Our additional items are ideal for retail environments or customer facing businesses with boxes of disposable gloves for employees handling goods or engaging with customers. The Covid Vest also works to encourage social distancing in stores or business environments.

Whilst PPE is an effective precaution many businesses can take to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, PPE is only effective when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water. Tailored Image is here to offer advice on your businesses PPE options, ensuring maximum comfort and protection.

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