28 November

Pin sharp and pitch perfect

Pin sharp and pitch perfect

When it comes to the art of tailoring uniforms there can be few jobs more demanding than that of dress uniforms for a military band. To understand this expertise fully you must factor in the unique needs of musicians when playing different instruments; seated, standing or when marching.  This is the challenge handed to Tailored Image by the Irish Defence Forces School of Music.

The bands uniform are in fact a complete suite of garments including a range of headwear for the 100 plus bandsmen and women, who contribute to every occasion, from concert hall performances to international match day pitch parades.

 This impressive engagement schedule left Tailored Image in no doubt that the band would be in the centre of the spotlight on every occasion.  Spotless appearance is an essential part of military discipline and this also applies also to their band.

The quality of the fabric, braiding and gilt work is exceptional and creates a very real sense of occasion every time the bands come together for a performance, travelling from their bases in Dublin, Cork and Athlone.

The splendour of the uniforms can be seen around Europe and America when on occasion the bands perform in festivals and military tattoos.

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