30 June

Tailored Image supply major UK transport provider

Tailored Image supply major UK transport provider

 Go Ahead Group are one of the UK’s leading bus operators with a fleet of 4600 buses servicing almost 2 million passenger journeys each day.

More than 12,000 staff uniforms are now supplied by Tailored Image in a full service contract which demonstrates our full capabilities to provide effective uniform services regardless of scale or location.

In London, 6000 staff  provide up to 25% of the capital’s bus services including routes which operate the iconic new bus for London. Go Ahead’s uniform requirement demanded high levels of comfort and practicality for their staff in these customer facing roles.

An efficient IT solution is central to our success and our bespoke web platform facilitates online ordering and management of each individual’s uniform requirements which are fulfilled in “person packs”, delivered to each staff member according to their uniform entitlements.

Outside of the capital, we supply 19 different regional Go Ahead bases proving that Tailored Image are excellently equipped to service national organisations regardless of how complex their uniform procurement process.