New Uniforms for AIB Retail Banking

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Tailored Image has pulled off its most daring bank job ever, this wasn't Tailored Image's first but it was certainly one of its most daring.

Don’t worry, this wasn't a heist, it was a contract tendered for and won to design and supply new uniforms for AIB retail banking operations. It was a major challenge because the whole job from bespoke design, approval, trialling and roll out to staff was completed in less than ten months.

This is a remarkable performance for a project of this scale. The task included the provision of a unique online web ordering service allowing AIB staff to order their own uniforms and providing the bank with instant access to data which helps them manage their uniform policy.

The performance is even more impressive when you look at the numbers and see that over 4500 staff were serviced with unique uniform packs simultaneously during the roll out to 250 branches of AIB and First Trust across Ireland and the UK.

While the management at AIB were delighted with Tailored Image's service the biggest test of any uniform project is of course the reaction from the staff who wear the uniforms daily. Here, the uniform was a great success, with staff rating highly the choice of garments plus their comfort and practicality.

So success all round and proof that you can always bank on Tailored Image to provide the very best corporate uniform service.

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