Defence Force Cadet School Uniforms

(Blue Light & Uniform Services)

Tailored Image demonstrated the true breadth and depth of its experience in the uniform industry when it was recently signed up as supplier for multiple uniform packages across the Irish Defence Forces.

This contract includes the supply of dress uniforms for the Defence Force Cadet school based in the Military College at the Curragh, where officer cadets from the Army, Navy and Air Corp commence their training.

Uniform plays an important role in the life of the Officer Cadets with attention to detail important and constantly under inspection during their time in the college.

The appearance of these future male and female officers could not fail to impress when viewed on the parade ground or in the surrounds of the Cadet School. The combination of the structured fabric, leather and brass crate a strong visual effect as expected in a traditional dress uniform.

Providing support for a military uniform is much more demanding than a typical uniform job and it is here that Tailored Image’s experience proves invaluable. Every Cadet is personally measured for their uniform on arrival to the college and this is typical of the measured service which we offer our customers. The intensive physical training of the Cadets however means that often the individuals will experience some significant slimming! as their figures benefit from all the exercise. This keeps us on our toes as the Tailored Image team provides ongoing support throughout the contract.  

Providing outstanding customer service with military precision is our objective for every customer and as you can see here, we take our orders seriously !